Beach resorts in Spain – best places to lounge on a beach

Spain has a coastline of almost 5000 km and numerous beaches of all kinds to suit every tourist’s needs. Due to the mild climate Spain can welcome tourists who look for a sunny and relaxing vacation for almost 11 months each year. The mainland has numerous beautiful beaches but don’t forget about the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean that provide various other options.

Beach resorts on Spanish coast

With more than 800 km of coastline, Andalusia is the perfect place for beach lovers, with something for every taste. The Spanish coastline on the Mediterranean Sea is divided into 11 areas – the cosmopolitan Costa del Sol, Costa de Almeria, Costa Brava, Costa Tropical, Costa Cálida, Costa Blanca, Costa de Valencia, Costa de Azahar, Costa Dorada, Costa Garraf and Costa Maresme. Similarly, the coastline from the Atlantic Ocean is divided into 6 coasts – El Golfo Artábaro, Rías Bajas, Costa da Morte, Costa de Cantabria, Rías Altas, Costa Vasca and Costa Verde.

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Costa del Sol is the place where some of the most popular beach resorts in Spain can be found. They are the perfect location for those who are seeking crowded and lively places. Costa del Sol has many naturist or nudist beaches; Costa Natura was the first officially recognized naturist beach in Spain, in 1979. Tourists will enjoy sunbathing on beaches such as Playa el Cristo, San Pedro, Calahonda, Puerto Banus, Las Doradas, El Charcon, Piedra del Cura, El EGido, El Maro.

Costa Tropical is framed by mountains and the rocky and secluded beaches are perfect for those looking for a quiet vacation. Tourists will enjoy swimming or diving on spectacular beaches such as Cotobro Beach, El Muerto Beach (with fine brown sand), Los Berenqueles Beach, San Cristobal Beach (where you can practice windsurfing or other water sports), Puerta del Mar Beach, Velilla Beach, El Tesorillo Beach, Pozuelo Beach, Calabajio Beach, Cabria Beach, Curumbico Beach or Barranco de Enmedio Beach.

On the northern coast, Costa Brava offers numerous options for quiet vacations. The Basque coast, as it is also known, is the place where you can go surfing or just enjoy a good book on the fine sands. Beaches of Costa Brava are easily accessible and affordable. Tourists will find many secluded beaches and isolated bays between San Sebastian and Bilbao. Zarauz, Zumaia or Hondarribia are among the best places on Costa Brava.

Beaches of Balearic Islands

Some of the best beach resorts in Spain can be found on The Balearic Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza is a very cosmopolitan island, with sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife, perfect for tourists who look for fun and entertainment. Minorca and Formentera are less crowded and more secluded and are ideal for nature lovers or tourists who seek a relaxing holiday. Minorca has several secluded beaches, out of which the most beautiful are Arenal d’en Castell and Arenal de Son Saura. Formentera’s beaches are even more private; Playa de Mitjorn is the best of this island’s beaches and tourists who come here get caught in the scenery and experience total relaxation.

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Beaches of Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are among the preferred touristic places for those who enjoy peaceful and quiet vacations. There’s a variety of beaches for everybody’s taste – adventurous tourists will enjoy practicing water sports on some beaches, while families will choose sandy beaches with calm waters where children can swim safely.

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Among some of the best places in the Canary Islands you will find Sotavento (on Fuerteventura Island, with fine, golden sands, ideal for windsurfing and kite surfing), Playa de Jandia (on Fuerteventura Island, perfect for practicing various water sports), Famara beach (on Lanzarote Island, a popular spot for surfers and for families as well), Puerto Naos (in Gran Canaria, with natural back sand, surrounded by palm trees), Playa de las Teresitas (on Tenerife Islands, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world), Playa de las Canteras (in Gran Canaria), Corralejo beaches (in Fuerteventura Island with a sand dune national park nearby), El Medano and Costa Adeje (both on Tenerife) .


The numerous beach resorts in Spain turn this country into a paradise for beach lovers. You have many options, from crowded, lively beaches to secluded, spectacular ones. All you have to do is pack your sunglasses, swim suits and sun cream and pick a destination.

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Beach resorts in Spain