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Spain is one of the top European destinations, having a wide variety of interesting places for tourists to discover and explore. The two main touristic spots are Madrid and Barcelona. Here you can visit some of the most beautiful museums, buildings and plazas in entire Europe. However, from small villages to bigger cities, Spain has numerous other attractions that may not be that popular but are equally interesting and charming. Here are some of our recommendations.

The Basque County

The Basque County is located in the northern part of Spain. Famous for its cuisine and the green settings this is a paradise for nature lovers and tourists who seek to discover a different cultural aspect of Spain. Bilbao is the capital city of the Basque County and is famous for the modern Guggenheim Museum. San Sebastian is another representative city of this county; here you will find some of the best beaches in Spain, such as the La Concha, Ondaretta, Zurriola or Fuenterrabia.

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Another beautiful touristic spot is Urkiola National Park, a place where you can spend some relaxing time in the middle of nature. The beautiful wooded peaks are very much appreciated by hikers and the rock faces of Alluitz, Urrestei and Atxatxiki have served as a training place for mountaineers. Other natural parks that tourists love to explore are Gorbeia, Izki, Valderejo, Laguardia lakes and Urdaibai Biosphere Reservation.


One of the most elegant and charming Spanish cities on the northern coast, Santander should be included in any holiday trip. Here you will discover amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the Cantabrian Sea. Tourists will love walking in the historical quarter with old, majestic buildings; in the beautiful gardens of Pereda or relaxing in the lively Plaza Porticada. Nearby Santander, nature lovers can explore the Cabarceno Nature Park and Altamira Caves. Other important sights include the church of Christo and Santander Cathedral.

As part of the most interesting places in Spain, Santander also has access to the sea so don’t miss visiting the beautiful bay with its lovely beaches, such as El Sardinero, los Peligros, la Magdalena and Biquinis. Take a walk on one of the most beautiful promenades in Spain and admire the Gran Casino, Plazza de Italia and the Piquio gardens.


Alicante is a picturesque and quiet city on the eastern coast of Spain. Nature lovers will love the mountain trails and the many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and soft, white sand. If you happen to be here between June 20th and 24th you will be able to take part in the Las Hogueras de San Juan, a pyrotechnics show and colorful festival. Take a stroll on the beautiful and cheerful Explanada de Espana decorated with 6.6 million marble tiles in bright colors. Other interesting sites in Alicante are the medieval castle Castillo de Santa Barbara (built as a fortress on top of Mount Benacantil) and the archeological museum MARQ.

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Salamanca city is famous for having the oldest Spanish university which happens to be one of the oldest in Europe as well. A few years ago, this city was included by UNESCO on their World Heritage Sites list. Although Salamanca is a big city it somehow managed to maintain the charm and intimacy of a small village. Among its landmarks, Plaza Mayor, the Salamanca Cathedral, Casa de las Conchas (the House of Shells), the Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and Convento de San Esteban are some of the most beautiful and interesting spots.

As you can see, there are many interesting places in Spain, other than the most popular and traditional touristic destinations. So you can rest assure; this beautiful country has everything that it takes to help you have the perfect vacation.

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Interesting places in Spain